Authentic Models Balance Art - Whale

Our King of the Sea is called the sperm whale. The amount of oil it holds inside its huge and bulky skull must have been confusing to early whalers. That oil brought him close to extinction, since it was ideal for lamp oil before the Electric Age dawned on us. Sperm whales are known to dive to incredible depths, while still having to surface from time to time to breathe. Our whale, with his trademark 'spout', is taking a rest on the surface of a choppy ocean.

L. 15.75 in. / 40.01 cm.
W. 3.94 in. / 10.01 cm.
H. 19.29 in. / 49 cm.

SHIPPING LEAD TIME: This is a "special order" item and could take one additional week to ship.  Additional shipping costs might be incurred given this items size and value. 

Sample of Action


TM048 Whale Balance Art $99.95

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